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I love to hear about people’s experiences with Reiki and how it has been beneficial and changed their lives.

Please share with us how Reiki has changed and improved your life.

We love to hear stories from those who are now able to live pain-free, an emotional stable life, more energized, or simply take the time to put themselves first and enjoy the deep relaxation benefits you get from a treatment.

Many are inspired when reading testimonials and are empowered to make decisions about improving their overall wellbeing. So I encourage you to Share Your Experience With Reiki.

Thank You

I was having trouble with acne and no treatment was working. As the last resort, I considered an alternative and so grateful I did. The Reiki session I got from Nancy was an amazing experience. I went in as a heart broken skeptic, from looking everywhere for a solution to my acne, to coming out of her office transformed! It was an amazing experience, that changed my life. Within two weeks my acne went away…it has been 6 months now and have not had any issues. Nancy really took care of me and I owe her so much for what she she helped me with. I am completely healed and feel better than ever. She even followed up with me the day after, a week later and then every month to see how I have progressed throughout the healing process. I have recommended many friends and relatives because I trust her 100%. I owe her way more than what I paid for the visit. Super grateful!!!
-Esther P. (June 19, 2014)

I was able to attend her class on 10/06/13. I must say it surpassed my expectations.. The trainer was very welcoming. She made sure we understood the process. She was very thorough and took her time giving us individual attention if needed.

The location is ideal.. The studio itself looks pretty small but the room where the class took place was spacious and clean.. They provide mats and pillows if needed, or you can take your own..

Overall after my session I felt at ease and calm.. I will definitely take advantage of any other future classes.. They insight I received was definitely worth the class fee..

I may have to consider having a reiki party, with other friends since they were surprised with my new found attitude in the dats that follow.
-Lilly L. (October 21, 2013)

I had pain/inflammation in my knees and joints and I am so blessed to have found Reiki Rocks LA. I had the best reiki session with Nancy.. She made sure she explained her process in great detail. She was amazzzzzzing!! She even gave me great cleansing/grounding methods to do myself at home. I left with no pain in my knees/joints. I felt light as a feather as I left. Don’t hesitate to make your appointment. I’ll surely be back again very soon 🙂
-Sidjae (March 6, 2014)

My wife saw Nancy on two different occasions. One was to get rid of her vertigo, and the other was for some pain she was experiencing on her right knee, neck, and left elbow. Each injury was unrelated to the other.

For the vertigo, my wife went into the room dizzy and unable to walk on her own, but came out of the room with a smile on her face. The room was no longer moving and she was able to walk without any assistance.

As for the pain, she went in limping, and came out dancing (kidding). Again, the smile on her face said it all to me.

Nancy is truly gifted individual. I consider myself very lucky to have met her.
-Parker L. Yelp User (July 9, 2013)

The reason I went to Nancy for help was because her talent and knowledge radiated when we met at a different healing session. As a client she helped the teacher. That in of itself was enough for me to book with her.

I went in anxious. But, came out renewed with energy and clarity. The stress was relieved through her amazing techniques. She has a great way of guiding you through the process so you’re not uncomfortable and easily relaxed. I felt a strong positive energy I only feel after a 2 hour workout, or a great hike, but it all happened just inside a room thanks to Nancy’s amazing skills.

On top of that, she was able to book me into her schedule with very late notice. I couldn’t recommend anyone better than her.
-Zuhal B. (Sept 9, 2013)

I’ve never wrote a review before for anything, but i just had to….

I had gotten surgery and was given pain medication for the pain, but the medicine got me very nauseous and since i couldn’t take the medicine the pain was killing me!!! I got treatment at Reiki Rocks LA and she made my nausea go away and my pain was at ease. She even put me to sleep for a good while. I could honestly say i didn’t really think it would work, but I’ve had a change of heart.

I really recommend this place ask for Nancy.
-Cynthia H. (August 14, 2012)

Thank you, for your wonderful therapeutic hands. My back and knee are feeling much better.
-Frank B. (July, 2012)

Thank you very much for the Reiki healing, it completely took my headache away.
-Gabriela M. (June, 2012)

All I can say is WOW!! i will admit I was a bit doubtful of the benefits of Reiki ..
My knee was hurting so bad I was willing to try anything to get me up the steep hill… instantly after your contact the pain was gone.. lingering around for a few hours more, I was amazed at the fact that the pain was completely GONE .. i will be referring friends and family who need healing .. Thank you a hundred times
-Patty L. (January, 2012)

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